Friday, February 1, 2008

1209. A Skeletool, Leatherman's new product, it has pliers, a wire cutter, a knife, and a screw driver with two bits, one is a phillips head and the other is a slotted type.

The large hole in the knife can be used to open the locking blade with one hand, it can also be unlocked and closed one handed.

1210. A newspaper holder that was used in a library:

Larger image

1211. An early Fyr Fyter fire extinguisher, text on it reads: "Wheel to fire, lower handles to ground, push down knob on cap".

1212. This was marked "sponge diver's spear", and that's the answer that I was planning to post until someone sent me a scanned catalog entry of a weed puller that looks just like it. I suppose it could have been used for both purposes. Also, it looks very similar to the tool in patent number 1,293,824.

1213. A Danlock, I have about twenty puzzle locks and this is one of the better models, not too difficult to open but a good challenge to get back to its original condition. The lock is well crafted and has a clever multiple move solution, I highly recommend it.

1214. A Scribe-Hook for Weather-boarding, patent number 72,885, from the patent: improved form of weather-board hook, in combination with a fluid level, graduated rule, marker, and gauge, the whole constituting a carpenter's combined tool, of great utility and convenience.

From Gil Gandenberger's collection

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